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hey, WRF & MPAS Forum!
occasionally instead of issuing the command ./real.exe, i submit it as a slurm script to reduce the time (1 hour --> 5 minutes) and it works fine.
the files that i'm working with now are so large that i have attempted to do the same thing with ./ungrib.exe, i.e, submitting it as a slurm script, but it times out after about a minute of execution and returns the following error:

MPT: Launcher network accept (MPI_LAUNCH_TIMEOUT) timed out
MPT: Launcher on r12i6n26 failed to receive connection(s) from:
MPT: MPT ERROR: Check network connectivity between hosts.
Retry after increasing value of MPI_LAUNCH_TIMEOUT.
See MPI(1) for details.

MPT ERROR: could not launch executable
(HPE MPT 2.25 08/14/21 03:06:24)
/var/spool/pbs/mom_priv/jobs/ line 16: 43005 Killed mpiexec_mpt ./ungrib.exe

i've tried a couple of things but nothing seems to work. E.g., increasing MPI_LAUNCH_TIMEOUT but its max is 60 seconds.
i also tried adding :nodetype=largemem onto the sixth line but it had no effect.
Any suggestions?

note: after issuing the command ./ungrib.exe, i anticipate it will take 3 hours or timeout after about an hour or so
slurm script:
#PBS -N ungrib_e5
#PBS -l walltime=06:00:00
#PBS -q economy
#PBS -j oe
#PBS -k eod
#PBS -l select=2:ncpus=36:mpiprocs=36:nodetype=largemem
#PBS -m abe
export TMPDIR=/glade/scratch/wrenn/temp

mkdir -p $TMPDIR
cd /glade/scratch/wrenn/WRFV3.7_2/WPS-3.7
mpiexec_mpt ./ungrib.exe

source: MPT Startup Failures: Workarounds - HECC Knowledge Base
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The reason you are seeing this issue is that ungrib must only be run serially. Even if you compiled WPS with a distributed memory option, the ungrib program is still only capable of utilizing serial processing. You can still use a slurm script for this, but you will need to ask it to only use one processor.