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Multiple Parallel WRF runs


New member
Hi all,
I want to run 12 WRF runs in parallel (1 run for each month of the year) on a 24 cores machine.
After some testing regarding the number of cores per single run, assigning 2 cores per run gives me a decent running speed while allowing me to set up 12 runs in parallel.
However, when I start all the runs, they slow down even though each one is using different cores.
What could be causing this? I have used the htop utility and confirmed that the 24 cores are being used and that RAM memory is not limiting the process.
Thanks in advance.
Apologies for the delay due to the holidays.

On your machine, there can sometimes be things running in the background that can cause processes to slow down. This issue is probably specific to your environment, so I would suggest trying to speak to a systems administrator at your institution to see if they are able to help. If you figure out the issue, let us know how you resolved it so that it may help others in the future.