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MYNN2.5/3 is crashing

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Hello all
I am trying to simulate fog in WRF-Real and made it successfully with different PBL schemes (eg, YSU, MYJ, ACM2, QNSE) except MYNN2.5 or 3. I used the same name list and same time step for all PBL schemes. But I'm facing problems with MYNN2.5 or 3 only. Can anyone help me out with your valuable experience / suggestions :)

. Its control run/ I haven't modify the source code
. I used dzstretch options to increase verticle levels below 1000m
. also, I tried the small timestep like 4,6,8 still simulation not finished

I am attaching my namelist


  • namelist.input
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this is the error I am getting
d01 2020-11-24_20:00:00  Input data is acceptable to use:
 mediation_integrate.G        1944 DATASET=HISTORY
 mediation_integrate.G        1945  grid%id            1  grid%oid            2

Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

Backtrace for this error:
#0  0x7f02ec646d4a
#1  0x7f02ec645f7d
#2  0x7f02ebb6505f
#3  0x55aa96238398
#4  0x55aa962386dc
#5  0x55aa96238a2f
#6  0x55aa9623c108
#7  0x55aa9623fb69
#8  0x55aa95758af5
#9  0x55aa9577f640
#10  0x55aa94f88f4f
#11  0x55aa94a5fe65
#12  0x55aa948fb6a0
#13  0x55aa93b9c0cb
#14  0x55aa93b272b9
#15  0x55aa93b26bee
#16  0x7f02ebb522e0
#17  0x55aa93b26c29
#18  0xffffffffffffffff