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namelist.output and

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Hi everyone.
Recently i have to modify to produce namelist.input to fit my project.I am very curious the relationship between namelist.input and namelist.output.Before running wrf.exe,i modify force_use_old_data=T ,but rsl.error.0000 tell me force_use_old_data=F. But i found the namelist.output produced automatically has the "force_use_old_data=F".So my question is :
(1)How the WRF produce namelist.output?
(2)In has "if test ! -z "$NL_FORCE_USE_OLD_DATA"; then echo "force_use_old_data=${NL_FORCE_USE_OLD_DATA}," >> $FILE;fi".Apparently "$NL_FORCE_USE_OLD_DATA" is a logical variable(like true or false).But when i type "grep -Inr '$NL_FORCE_USE_OLD_DATA' ./*" under my WRF_DIR to see which scripts and file including this logical variable.But i found no one.So i am so puzzled.

Unable to get across this problem.
Kindly suggest
Hi YaoWei,

The only file that is important for wrf.exe is namelist.input. I would suggest you modify this file instead of using any tools such as (I actually don't know what it is). namelist.input is a text file that can be easily modified.

namelist.output is a copy of nameslist.input except that it may include some changes automatically modified by WRF (for example, if some options are not reasonable, WRF will automatically adjust those options)