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NCVGT: : NetCDF: HDF error

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I launch ARWpost but it suddenly stops with the message
Processing time --- 2021-03-15_14:00:00
Found the right date - continue
NCVGT: : NetCDF: HDF error

I checked that wrfout_d01_2021-03-15_14:00:00 is not corrupted.
I can successfully output variables from wrfout_d01_2021-03-15_14:00:00
ncdump -v HGT wrfout_d01_2021-03-15_14:00:00
Also I can view fields from wrfout_d01_2021-03-15_14:00:00 using xconv.

What could be the reason for the ARWpost error message?
I'm assuming that you built NetCDF with HDF5? If so, can you check that your HDF5 library hasn't been updated since you built NetCDF? Can you also check the path for the environment variable NETCDF to see if you have that pointing to the right location?
Thank you for the reply.

I found the cause of the error. My file is indeed corrupted.
When I use
ncks -v W wrfout_d01_2021-03-15_14:00:00
it fails
nco_err_exit(): ERROR Short NCO-generated message (usually name of function that triggered error): nco_get_vara()
nco_err_exit(): ERROR Error code is -101. Translation into English with nc_strerror(-101) is "NetCDF: HDF error"
nco_err_exit(): ERROR NCO will now exit with system call exit(EXIT_FAILURE)
I first would like to apologize for the long delay in response. I've been traveling for the past few weeks and am just now trying to catch up with forum inquiries. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to find the root of the problem. Have you been able to get a new uncorrupted file and build it successfully?