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Ndown.exe:Found 2021-09-28_00:00:01 before I found 2021-09-28_00:00:00.


When I use 666.7mndown.exe to 222.2m, it displays my Found 2021-09-28_ 00:00:01 before I found 2021-09-28_ 00:00:00. I didn't open w_damping and epssm. Because I displayed a CFL error at 200m, I opened these two options, but there was a problem with ndown. Below are my input and error files, seeking everyone's help!
Thank you very much!


  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
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Can you issue the following in the directory where you are running ndown?

ls -ls wrfout* >& ls.txt
ncdump -v Times wrfndi_d02 >& wrfndi.txt
ncdump -v Times wrfbdy_d01 >& wrfbdy.txt

and then attach those three files so I can take a look? Thanks!