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nested domine

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Present am using WRF model for nesting
am trying to run nested domine but my previous file (wrfout_do1_<date>. ) name was over writing so anybody tell me how change wrfouput file name changing....?
Can you provide a bit more detail about your problem? What exactly are you running? What is overwriting what? What did you have before, and what do you have now? Thank you.

This is the ndown process which am following those steps.
actually am doing climate runs in WRF followed by nesting ndown for that my first domine wrfout files is linking to where am running the main run
but my problem is my previous first domine files are over writing, in the above link they mention '' RENAME (or move) the original wrfout_d01_<date>* files to a new file name, or to another directory (to prevent them from being overwritten)'' like this
but my climate run outputs are taking too much of space in my server.
so is there any chance to change wrfoutput files of nesting ndown process?

thanks in advance.
There are a few options:

1) Rename the files. You could use some sort of quick command-line script like:
> foreach f (wrfout_d01*)
> mv $f $f.d01
> end

This would add a suffix *.d01 to the end of each of the original wrfout_d01 files.

2) Within your WRF running directory (or wherever you have enough space), create a new directory and place all of your original wrfout_d01* files in there:
> mkdir original_d01
> mv wrfout_d01* original_d01

3) Change the name of the "new" wrfout_d01* (actually d02) files by adding something like the following in the &time_control section of the namelist:
history_outname = 'new_wrfout_d<domain>_<date>'

(do not modify the syntax of "d<domain>_<date>". The model expects that exact syntax.

If you would like those to output to a different directory, then try:
history_outname = '/path_where_you_would_like_the_files/wrfout_d<domain>_<date>'

(obviously the path here would be your actual path - not one named "path_where_you_would_like_the_files."