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No .rsl files produced


New member
Good morning wrf users:

My WRFV3.7 model has successfully gone through geogrid, ungrib, and metgrib on WPS, the met_em files was correctly linked to the em_real folder under WRFV3. But when I tried to run real.exe and wrf.exe, they failed to generate the rsl files, even though the wrfbdy and wrfinput files have been successfully outputted. But I still want to figure out the reason as these files are important.
PS: the log files can be written to a single file if I use the code: ./real.exe >& xxx.log, but the rsl files are not able to be generated.
I compile the model using the series mode (I can not compile them in parallel mode now due to some reasons.).

RSL files are only created when running a parallel simulation. If you run in serial mode, then you need to do as you've already done - redirect the standard error and output to a log file.