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No ungrib: pgf90-Error-Unknown switch: --version

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Dear WRF Supporters,

I have successfully configured and compiled the WRF v4.0 on an linux fedora core 31 PC computer with pgi compiler.
When I compile WPS v4.0, I got metgrid.exe and geogrid.exe, but no ungrib.exe.
Here I have attached the configure.wps, and log.compile of the WPS compilation.
I would be very grateful if you could help me solve this issue and compile WPS successfully.

Thank you!


  • configure.wps
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  • log.compile.wps.txt
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That is a very old version of PGI, and I'm afraid that the problem is likely that you are using such an old version of the compiler, with a newer version of WPS. Typically when we see these errors similar to "Illegal use of symbol," that is the problem. Unfortunately the only solution may be to update your PGI to a newer version, or to use GNU, which is free. You could also try to reach out to the PGI support group to see if they have any solutions.
The compilation errors all seem to be in C code (in the g2 library), so it might be worth trying to edit the configure.wps file to use the GNU C compiler (gcc) rather than the PGI C compiler (pgcc).