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No wrf.exe when Compiling

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I am trying to compile the Tropical Cyclone ideal case on WRF 4.0 with Vortex Following using gfortran on a single processor system. I have followed the the provided tutorial step by step, though every time I try, wrf.exe is not created in my "main" folder. I have tried several different times and I have found that it only appears when I compile without nesting. Opting for a real case does not generate the necessary executable files either (I did install the necessary libraries and WPS for this).

I have looked at my log.compile file and it states that there is an error with creating the executable files but I don't know exactly what the errors mean. I have attached log.compile and configure.wrf. Any help is appreciated.


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Unfortunately for a vortex-following compile, you will need to compile in parallel (dmpar), which means you'll need access to multiple processors and will need to install an MPI library. I notice that this rule does not seem to be stated in any of our documentation, so I'm making a note to add that for future users who come across this problem.