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no_mp_heating in Idealized Case

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I have a question regarding the no_mp_heating option in an idealized case. How does this option cut off latent heating? In my simulations, I set it to 1 and turned off microphysics, which should cut off latent heat flux, but the Qvapor profile still propagates from the surface, does this mean that the latent heat flux from the surface layer scheme(MYNN) will go through ignoring mp? Is there a way to see what this flag does in the code?

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Hi Liu,
If you look at the code dyn_em/module_big_step_utilities_em.F, you will find that with the option no_mp_heating = 1, the code will simply set:

h_diabatic(i,k,j) = 0.
qv_diabatic(i,k,j) = 0.
qc_diabatic(i,k,j) = 0.

Otherwise these variables will be calculated based on tendencies from microphysics.

For your case, note that eve if you turn on this option on, it only excludes tendencies from micriphysics, while tendencies from other physics such as PBL, radiation, cumulus etc. still exist and affect the prognostic variables.