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NoahMP model file "module_sf_noahmp_glaacier.F"


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Dear WRF community,
I know that this forum isn't related to wrf-hydro, however my questions is mostly general.
Recently, I'm trying to modify the TFRZ (Freezing/melting point) which is constant in module_sf_noahmp_glaacier.F file (file location - "trunk/NDHMS/Land_models/NoahMP/phys"), This parameter is different in mountainous catchments. I did manually change the file and rerun the model, however the results didn't change, then I recompiled my wrf_hydro with changed TFRZ parameter, but again 0 changes in my outputs. So my question is when it comes to the modification of some constant paramets in the code, which type of .F file should I modify?


I am trying to find the variable TFRZ in standard WRFV4.4.2. However, this variable only exists in CLM and Lake module.
If it does exist in your NoahMP module, please clarify where you download the codes.