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Nudging when not making detailed settings.

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Hello. I'm not sure about nudging.
in namelist.input
Nudging is performed with only the following information.

  & fdda
  grid_fdda = 1,
  gfdda_inname = "wrffdda_d <domain>",
  gfdda_interval_m = 360,
  gfdda_end_h = 6,
  io_form_gfdda = 2,

How is nudging set up in this case?
These settings tell the model to do grid nudging every 6 hours and the nudging will end after 6 hours of integration. The nudging input data is saved in wrffdda_d<domain>, domain could be 01, 02, 03, etc, depending on how many domains you are running.
For more details, please see
This option "if_no_pbl_nudging_uv = 0" indicates the model will nudge u and v within PBL. If it is set to 1, the model will not do u and v nudging within PBL. Other similar options for t and q have the same meanings.