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Null values for RAINC


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The RAINC in my wrfout files is all null, and I have turned on the cumulus scheme. But only RAINNC has values. I've uploaded my input.wps and namelist.input file.
Can anyone help me with this? Appreciated it a lot.


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By saying RAINC is all null, do you mean it is NAN?
Dear Ming Chen, Sorry to reply so late. I thought my simulation result have some problems, cause the RAINC in my grids is NAN. Then I checked there have some values in other grids. But there is still a problem. Especially for precipitation, my simulated T2 and observation temperature correlation coefficient can only reach 0.75. My CMAQ simulations are not good, so I wonder if it is related to the meteorological results. I want to simulate a strong convective process. So how can I get a better performance in my simulation? My domain is PRD, the May, and June of 2015. Can you give me some help? I've uploaded my namelist.input and input.wps file. Thanks a lot.


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