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leila mahmoudi

New member

my outputs from WPS don't show num_metgrid_levels
and WRF gives error about mismatch between WPS namelist and input namelist in WRF section as below:

DYNAMICS OPTION: Eulerian Mass Coordinate
alloc_space_field: domain 1 , 748731348 bytes allocated
d01 2021-01-01_00:00:00 Yes, this special data is acceptable to use: OUTPUT FROM METGRID V4.1
d01 2021-01-01_00:00:00 Input data is acceptable to use:
metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_input = 2021-01-01_00:00:00
metgrid input_wrf.F first_date_nml = 2021-01-01_00:00:00
d01 2021-01-01_00:00:00 input_wrf.F: SIZE MISMATCH: namelist num_metgrid_levels = 39
d01 2021-01-01_00:00:00 input_wrf.F: SIZE MISMATCH: input file BOTTOM-TOP_GRID_DIMENSION = 1
d01 2021-01-01_00:00:00 ---- ERROR: Mismatch between namelist and input file dimensions
NOTE: 1 namelist vs input data inconsistencies found.

I ran this simulation by using ERA5 reanalysis data.
I have downloaded wind components data (w, 10u, 10v) and temperature data (2t).
I didn't download any other parameters. can it be reason?
I have installed WRF recently. Does it also cause error?

I'm looking for your kind help.
dear Ms kwerner
thank you for your reply.
I figured it out and I downloaded all surface data (SFC) and pressure level data (PL) data.