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OBSGRID run errors

Henry Chen

New member
Hi, I was running OBSGRID for a period of 1 year. The time interval is 6 hours, and i encountered error as follows:
Time period #00998 is for date 2018-08-31_18:00:00
Time period #00999 is for date 2018-09-01_00:00:00
Time period #01000 is for date 2018-09-01_06:00:00
Time period #01001 is for date 2018-09-01_12:00:00
STOP ERROR_EXIT in error_handler

Too many time periods for processing have been specified.
It seems that the program allows only 1000 time periods. Is there any option to change this restriction or I have to run obsgrid with intervals?
If so, could wrfsdda files be merged or I need to run WRF with same intervals as well?
Thank you!