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    increase the levels of the intermediate file of ungrib (modify press_pa)

    Hello, Is there any possibility to interpolate the intermediate file of ungrib to have more level in the first Km above the ground ? For example instead of having by default : press_pa = 201300, 200100, 100000, 95000, 90000, 85000, 80000, 75000, 70000, 65000, 60000, 55000, 50000, 45000, 40000...
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    Obsgrid ; only taking into consideration surface data

    Hello, I'm trying to run obsgrid in order to take into consideration observations data in the first 500m above the ground. The observations data that i'm using are profiles data of temperature, pressure, humidity and wind every 1m. I already succeeded to convert the data into litlle_r format...
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    Fail obsgrid compilation

    Hello, I am trying to compile obsgrid.exe, on macOS with gfortran however my compilation is not successful. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.Attached log.compile. I already tried adding the following commands before running ./compile, but it does not work. sed -i 's/-C -P...
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    (RESOLVED) Unstable to install obsgrid on ubuntu 22.04

    So I am getting the following error Error: Rank mismatch between actual argument at (1) and actual argument at (2) (scalar and rank-1) cd $HOME/WRFCHEM/ git clone https://github.com/wrf-model/OBSGRID.git cd $HOME/WRFCHEM/OBSGRID ./clean -a source $Miniconda_Install_DIR/etc/profile.d/conda.sh...