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Obsgrid ; only taking into consideration surface data

Mary-joe Medlej

New member

I'm trying to run obsgrid in order to take into consideration observations data in the first 500m above the ground.
The observations data that i'm using are profiles data of temperature, pressure, humidity and wind every 1m.
I already succeeded to convert the data into litlle_r format (kindly find attached one example of the converted data).
When i run the obsgrid.exe , the run is successfully completed, but the problem is when i check to see what data has been used for the output using this command for example:
ncdump -v temperature
it takes only the surface data, not all levels data (as shown in the picture).

Thank you in advance,


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Hi, I apologize for the delay in response. We have been preparing for, and conducting, our biannual WRF tutorial and have gotten a bit behind with replies to the forum. Are you still having trouble with this? If so, will you please attach your namelist.oa file? Thanks!