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Obtain sunshine hours and RH using wrf

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Hello. Im a new user to WRF for climate variables

I was able to find out that the WRF V4.0 can output useful climate variables such as Min, Max, and Mean T2 as well as Rainfall flux using wrfxtrm stream. However, I am still unable to figure out how to obtain sunshine hours (Hours of SWDOWN > 120 W m-2) and RH.

I am aware that previous versions (prior to WRF V3.6) had to be compiled with clWRF to obtain these variables with clwrf_sunshine as given below.

output_diagnostics = 1 ! Activates extreme values computation (0; deactivates [default])
clwrf_sunshine = 1 ! Activates sunshine computation (0; deactivates [default])
clwrf_gust_wind = 1 ! Activates gust wind computation (0; deactivates [default])
clwrf_accum_precip = 1 ! Activates accumulated precipitation computation (0; deactivates [default])
clwrf_ts_pbl = 1 ! Activates additional time-series variables (0; deactivates [default])
timesteps1_movaccum = 13 ! Number of time steps +1 for the time-moving accumulation of precipitation (example for a DT=150; moving accumulations of 30 minutes)
fixtimeaccum = 3600 ! Time of the fixed precipitation accumulation in seconds (1 hour)

I am still trying to figure out how to get the same variables using WRF V4.0. Any hints or suggestions would be highly appreciated. :)

Thanks in advance.
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To get RH, you can use the pressure level diagnostic output option:

As for sunshine hours, unfortunately that is not a built-in option, but you could probably write some code to ask it to output those values, perhaps giving it a different variable name, or only having the values above the particular threshold print out.

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. I will try the suggestion you recommended for computing RH. Also for obtaining sunshine hours, I guess WRF-CORDEX is an option which I have tried successfully.

Wondering why sunshine hour diagnostic which was available in previous WRF versions under clWRF was removed completely. :(

Anyways, thanks again for your reply. Hope others will be also benefited by this information. In conclusion:

'WRFV4 cannot output sunshine hours as an inherent output by the model itself. Best option so far is to try WRF-CORDEX which is available for WRFV4.0'