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One-way and 2-way nesting


New member
Good afternoon.

I would like to test the WRF using one and two way nesting on two domains I have. Do you know where I can find information about what parameters I have to move in the WRF to do it?

The only namelist parameter necessary to modify for one-way vs. two-way nesting is the 'feedback' option. If feedback=1, feedback is on and nesting will be two-way. This is the default setting. To turn feedback off and run one-way nesting, set feedback=0. If, however, you are trying to run a one-way nesting simulation with ndown (i.e., running parent domain first, then going back and running child domain using parent domain output), there are several things that will need to set. You can follow the instructions in this section of the Users' Guide.

If you're interested in other nesting components, take a look at this Nesting presentation given at the WRF tutorials (a .pdf version is also available).