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One-way nesting with different grid size in the child domain.


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I would like to know if WRF is capable of introducing a child domain having a different grid size, like multiplied/divided by an integer within the parent domain.

Presently I can see only the setting of a child through ratio with the grid size of the parent domain.

Any leads to achieving what I want in the WRF one-way nesting.

This might be what you are looking for (PDF attached).


  • 11_aug_5_nest_set_up_and_run (Dave Gill).pdf
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Thank you, Whatheway.

What I wanted is to prescribe dx and dy values for child domains as well. Presently, we can just put parent grid ratio for the child domains.
So this will not work for you? (from the pdf file)

NO, you cannot specify dx, dy for child domain in the WPS stage. dx and dy for child domain is derived based on the nesting ratio.
When running WRF, however, you must specify dx and dy in namelist.input. But the dx and dy specified here must be the same as that in WPS. Therefore, they are still determined based on the nesting ratio.