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Output files for dm+sm configuration with WRF v4.4

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I have compiled and run WRF v4.4 with dm configuration for the last 3 days. The new netCDF-4 parallel features ( worked really well (with a dm setup) as far as the few tests that these few days have permitted. However, and when I chose a dm+sm configuration, WRF compiles and runs but it doesn't output the wrfout files. When I revert io_form to 2 (instead of 13), then it works fine and outputs the wrfout files. My question is if when WRF is compiled as dm+sm, do you still need to set io_form to 13 or is there another value that needs to be used?
Our HPC was finally up and running today, so I was able to test this, and I see the same thing you are. I will need to dig into the code a bit to try to figure out what's going on, so it may take a little time. Thank you for reporting this and for your patience.
Actually, I'd like to update my post from yesterday. I was seeing that issue when I compiled the code with GNU, but when I compile with ifort, it behaved as it should. What compiler were you using?
Hi Kelly,
Over the weekend I went back over all the moving pieces and the output of wrfout was finally working. The fix was to include -DNETCDFPAR among ARCHFLAGS. Not sure why configure didn't include it (or why I oversaw it earlier) but it seems (to me) that the problem is with configure, not with the code itself.
I'm really glad to hear you were able to find a solution, and I hope this will help someone else along the way. Thanks for the update!