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output_diagnostics and nwp_diagnostics vars empty


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Hi WRF community,
Im making tests with WRFv4.4 to write wrfout files with diagnostics outputs variables but this variables have no data (all vars have value 0). Is necessary to modify registry, or is another problem?

namelist.input /registry attached


  • Registry.EM_COMMON.txt
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  • namelist_input.txt
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Please change your namelist option from:
auxhist3_outname = wrfout_diag_icond<domain>_<date>,
auxhist3_outname = 'wrfxtrm_d<domain>_<date>'

Then try again.
I related your case and the files wrfout_diag01* are successfully generated with reasonable results.
Please copy the following piece of namelist options and retry.
 nwp_diagnostics                     = 1

 output_diagnostics                  = 1

 auxhist3_outname                    = 'wrfout_diag<domain>_<date>',

 io_form_auxhist3                    = 2

 auxhist3_interval                   = 60

 frames_per_auxhist3                 = 1
Thanks so much for your assistance. Now everithing works fine. It was probably a stupid error with commas or ' ' in name.