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Outputting AOD value when using aer_opt = 1

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I'm using the aer_opt = 1 option, using Tegen et al. aerosol climatology as a reference forecast to compare other forecasts with different aerosol inputs. Wondering how to output the total column aod value that has been in the output domain with aer_opt = 1 activated.
I first would like to apologize for the long delay in response. It seems as though this post was originally overlooked.

There are a couple of ways to output variables that are not already in the wrfout* files:
1) You can modify the registry, but this option requires that you recompile the WRF model (after issuing a ./clean -a, and reconfiguring). For e.g., for this line:
state  real   aodtot    ij              misc        1    -      r         "aodtot"          "TOTAL AEROSOL OPTICAL DEPTH"  -
you would need to add an 'h' with the 'r' in the I/O column, so that it would read:
state  real   aodtot    ij              misc        1    -      rh         "aodtot"          "TOTAL AEROSOL OPTICAL DEPTH"  -
It may also be necessary to add the variable to the package further down in the Registry.EM_COMMON file (here:)
package   aeropt1        aer_opt==1                 -              state:aerodm
After you make the change(s), save the Registry.EM_COMMON file, clean the code (./clean -a), reconfigure, and recompile. Then this variable should be listed in your output

2) If it's not necessary to include this in the package in the Registry.EM_COMMON file (you can test this option first to see if you get the output variable - if not, then you likely need to do option 1) above to modify the registry), then you can use the runtime I/O option which allows you to make a namelist modification, include a new .txt file in your running directory, and it's not necessary to recompile the code. You can read about that option here:
I have modified aodtot's "r" to "rh" and reconfigured the code ,but AODTOT output is zero in wrfchem output file.If i add aodtot to package aeropt1,AODTOT disappear in output file.What item i will be active for AOD value,please