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parent id in both namelists


I'm doing 3 nested domains. Below is an image from the best practices page and I'm doing d01, d02, d03.


The website says the parent_id in namelist.wps is 1, 1, 2.
I have other examples from uses at my school and one of them has the parent_id in namelist.wps as 0,1,2 for the same set up while the other matches the best practices page. Both examples have the parent_id in namelist.inpu as 0,1,2 however.

What is the correct parent_id in both namelist.wps and namelist.input fort d01, d02, d03 as shown in the picture on the best practices page?
I think you can actually use either and it will be fine, as long as you use the same settings in namelist.input. Let me know if you find out otherwise!