Perturbation of the wrfinput does not change the wrfout result


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Dear all,

I manage to change the wrfinput file with a python script, I checked, and the variables I perturbed are different from the original wrfinput. Then I run the WRF Model with the perturbed input, but the output does not change. Better say, the resulting wrfout differs from the original one just in the initial time; the rest of the simulation's times are still the same.

I do not know if I have to change something in the namelist to force the model to run with the perturbed wrfinput? Or if I am missing some in-between-step?

I hope you can help me.


Ming Chen

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These variables are only used at the initial time step. They basically have little impact on the results once wrf.exe starts. This is why you see no changes later except the first wrfout at the initial time.