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Plotgrids related issue


New member
Why I am getting following error while running plotgrid command:
rda@rda-Precision-7820-Tower:~/Build_WRF/wps$ ncl util/plotgrids_new.ncl
Following error is coming:

fatal:Could not open ($NCARG_ROOT/ncl_ncarg-6.6.2/ni/src/examples/gsun/gsn_code.ncl)
fatal:error at line 7 in file util/plotgrids_new.ncl
What can be the reason?
This is because you didn't install NCL correctly.
I guess you don't have the code gsn_code.ncl saved in your $NCARG_ROOT/ncl_ncarg-6.6.2/ni/src/examples/gsun/

If this is the case, please send email to for help.
The file mentioned by you code gsn_code.ncl is available at following location:
Still error is thrown.
Also, the path given in bash is
export NCARG_ROOT=/home/rda/Build_WRF/WRFV3-
Earlier we tried to run using following path:
export NCARG_ROOT=/usr/bin/lib

Is the error coming due to the path or some other reason is there?

Also. we are installing ncl 6.6.2 from How to build NCL and NCAR Graphics from source code. But when we tryng to see in terminal using ncl -V command, we are not able to see.
Kindly help.