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plotgrids_new.ncl not showing all domains in my namelist.wps


New member
Hi everyone!

I'm setting up a domain for a WRF simulation I need to run, I defined 3 domains in my namelist.wps however, when I run the plotgrids utility it doesn't show all of the domains, only the 3rd domain (d03):
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 17.31.45.png

I'm running NCL Version 6.6.2 on an Ubuntu 20.04 server:
wrf@wrf-server:~/4.1/WPS$ ncl -V 6.6.2

the only change I made to the plotgrids_new.ncl file was to uncomment the following line so that my country borders are rendered on the map:
mpres@mpOutlineBoundarySets = "AllBoundaries"

and this is my namelist.wps file:
 wrf_core = 'ARW',
 max_dom = 3,
 start_date = '2006-08-16_12:00:00','2006-08-16_12:00:00','2006-08-16_12:00:00',
 end_date   = '2006-08-16_18:00:00','2006-08-16_12:00:00','2006-08-16_12:00:00',
 interval_seconds = 21600
 io_form_geogrid = 2,

 parent_id         =   1,    1,   2,
 parent_grid_ratio =   1,    5,   5,
 i_parent_start    =   1,   44,  35,
 j_parent_start    =   1,   38,  41,
 e_we              =  100, 101, 126,
 e_sn              =  100, 101, 136,
 geog_data_res     = '30s','30s','30s',
 dx                = 25000,
 dy                = 25000,
 map_proj          = 'mercator',
 ref_lat           = -25,
 ref_lon           = -58,
 truelat1          = -25,
 truelat2          =  0,
 stand_lon         = -58,
 geog_data_path    = '/home/wrf/4.1/WPS_GEOG'

 out_format = 'WPS',
 prefix = 'FILE',

 fg_name = 'FILE'
 io_form_metgrid = 2,

I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my domain configuration or if I'm missing something else?

Thank you!


New member
I have access to a separate server running the same WRF version but with a different NCL version, and on this server the plotgrids_new.ncl script shows all the domains correctly:
Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 22.40.13.png

this server is running NCL v6.3.0 while the newer server is running NCL v6.6.2. I copied the plotgrids_new.ncl file from the old server to the new server, did a diff with the plotgrids_new.ncl in the new server, and it's the same file... so same code produces different results on 6.3.0 vs 6.6.2 -- I have no idea what to do here, should I install an older version of NCL?

Ming Chen

Staff member
it is possible that some version of NCL may include bugs that affect the result. I would suggest you install v6.6.2 because it is a new version.
For the specific application of this case, i agree that v6.3.0 performs better.


New member
My plotgrids_new.ncl runs properly (as do all my other ncl functions) when I've activated my conda environment (ncl_stable).

Maybe you need to install Anaconda/miniconda to have the right environment?