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Plotting Time Series Diagram using RIP4.7

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I am currently working on fog. I run WRF model for 24 hours and plotted visibility during fog hours using RIP 4.7. Now I want to extract the predicted visibility over a particular location and to draw a time series for 24 hours.

Please help me to draw a time series diagram of visibility over the location (28.56N, 77.11E) using RIP. What modifications should I make in the script given below.

Thanks in advance,
Midhun M
Department of Atmospheric Science
Central University of Rajasthan, India

flmin=.09, frmax=.92, fbmin=.10, ftmax=.85,
---------------------- Plot Specification Table ---------------------
feld=visb; ptyp=hc; cmth=fill; nohl=L; cbeg=0; cend=5.0;>
#feld=visd; ptyp=hc; cmth=cont; nohl=L; cbeg=0; cend=5.0; linw=2
feld=map; ptyp=hb; outy=CO
feld=map; ptyp=hb; outy=topind.ascii
feld=tic; ptyp=hb
feld=bullet; titl=D; crsa=28.58lat,77.20lon; ptyp=hb
feld=bullet; titl=M; crsa=19.00lat,73.00lon; ptyp=hb
feld=bullet; titl=K; crsa=22.34lat,88.24lon; ptyp=hb
feld=bullet; titl=C; crsa=13.00lat,80.25lon; ptyp=hb
I first would like to apologize for the delay in response. We've had members of our group on travel lately and have gotten a bit behind with responses.

Unfortunately RIP doesn't have the capability to do time-series plots.You can use it to output numerical values at specific points, but you would have to do some significant modifying of the code to enable time-series plotting. There is a time-series output capability when running WRF, but you would have to know, in advance, the points you're interested in, and the specific fields you'd like to see. If your runs weren't significantly large and time-consuming, you could look into that. Again, unfortunately, this option doesn't have a built-in visibility feature, so you would have to try to make some modifications to do so. If you are interested, you could read about that option here:

Finally, I was given a fortran program that someone wrote to plot time series directly from WRF output (it doesn't use RIP). I will attach it here, but the person hasn't used it in many years and it's not something we support. You're welcome to take a look and see if you are capable of using it for what you need.


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