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pmin variable in namelist.wps

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After the new GFS V16 data, and according to your recommandation to set the pmin variable in the ungrib section of the namelist.wps in order to don't waste time processing all the extra levels stratosphere, i tried to use this variable. But i get the error in real.exe: mistmatch between num_metgrid_level and input file bottom-top_grid_dimension. Despite research on the web I did not find any documentation about pmin setting. What is the relationship between the pmin value in pa and the number of levels?
Thanks in advance for your help
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Would you please send me your namelist.wps to take a look? Also, where did you download the GFS data? Thanks.
Sorry for this late answer, i was unavailable for some times.
Finally i have solved my problem, i understood that wps provide a number of layers according the value of pmin variable which is the highest desired level expressed in pa. Then we have to set the new num_metgrid_level according the number of level provided by wps. I got the new num_metgrid_level with ncdump of met_em.d01.xxxx attribute BOTTOM-TOP_GRID_DIMENSION.
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