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prepare WRF input file for different output resolutions


New member
I have a WRF input file with 2.5km (dx and dy). What exactly do I need to apply to the input file (model and boundary conditions) in order to output for 5km/10km resolutions? Can someone point me to an example? Thanks,
Can you explain a bit more about what you're intending to do? You want to output at a more coarse resolution than you already have? And are you wanting to do this by modifying the wrfinput file?
I have a WRF input file with 2.5km resolution and I can run simulation with 2.5km horizontal resolution. I would also do higher resolution simulations, like 1.25km. I have to prepare the input file again (initial model and boundary conditions, right?
Yes, to run with any modifications to the domain, you need to re-run geogrid.exe, metgrid.exe, and real.exe before running wrf.exe again.