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prescribe heating in an idealised WRF model


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How to prescribe heating in an idealized WRF model. I want the heating to work like an urban heat island.
I am not sure what ideal case you intend to do, but one good example is the LES ideal case in WRF. Please take a look at the code

dyn_em/module_diffusion_em.F, in which you can find the following piece of code:

   hflux: SELECT CASE( config_flags%isfflx )
    CASE (0,2) ! with fixed surface heat flux given in the namelist
     heat_flux = config_flags%tke_heat_flux  ! constant heat flux value
     DO j = j_start, j_end
     DO i = i_start, i_end
        cpm = cp * (1. + 0.8 * moist(i,kts,j,P_QV))
        hfx(i,j)= heat_flux*cpm*rho(i,1,j)

You can follow the similar procedure to add specified heat flux to the ideal case you intend to run.
I am running the em_hill2d ideal case. According to the suggestion I add tke_heat_flux in my namelist.input(file attched), I tried with different values but it do not show any impact. Can you please give me any idea , how can I prescribe heat_flux in my idealized simulation to produce heat island effect?


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