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Prescribing SST and changing wind in seabreeze 2D

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I recently started working on a project that aims to study the boundary layer evolution due to an SST front. I'm trying to run a 2d idealized case with a total length of 100km, with seabreeze2d by removing the land part. However, I haven't figure out how to prescribe the varying SST properly. My initial thought was to prescribe it with the input sounding but it didn't work out as the sounding only has one static SST value. I wonder if there is an easy way to prescribe SST on each point separately?

Also, is there a way to update the wind speed prescribed in the input sounding so that a time-varying wind field can be simulated?

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You can modify the input sounding however you see fit. Take a look at this FAQ that discusses creating a new idealized case. You wouldn't need to create an entire new case, but the information about creating input may be useful to you.
Thank you for the reply! So I was trying to do some tests with the module_initialize_ideal.F, yet found out that the change I made in the code seemed to not take effect. I set the lm in the module_initialize_ideal.F to 0, but the wrfout file still had the land at the center with lm=25. I wonder if the lm value is respecified somewhere else? And is it normal that I can still run the case without error after I delete module_initialize_ideal.F and module_initialize_ideal.F90 in dyn_em? I'm working with WRF 4.2.2


After you made modifications, did you recompile the WRF code? You must do so for any modifications to take effect. You don't need to 'clean -a' and reconfigure since this is just a *.F file, but you do need to recompile.