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Problem in wrfout with thompson=28

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Dear WRF Support,
I have tested in the v4.3 generation of WRF-ARW.
When aerosol-aware Thompson scheme with water- and ice-friendly aerosol climatology is activated, i.e.,
mp_physics = 28,
use_aero_icbc =.True.,
the model can run to the end successfully. However, for nest cases with feedback on, large differences in the aerosol variables are found between parent and child domains.
Below is a plot showing the surface QNWFA data for D01:
The issue occurs with the QNWFA & QNWFA2D and any variables related to water and ice-friendly aerosols fields along the lateral boundaries of inner (child) nests, but only when feedback=1 and (2)are turned on. when I turn off feedback this problem fix. could you please help me what is wrong with my run of wrfv4.3?


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Ming Chen said:
Would you please send me your panelist.wps and namelist.input to take a look? Thanks.

Thanks for your reply.
I sent the namelist files for my run to your email address.
I found the problem related to this option and use_aero_icbc = true. This is because in in dyn_em/module_initialize_real.F, we have the following piece of code:

4330 IF ( config_flags%use_aero_icbc .AND. ( flag_qnwfa .EQ. 1 ) .AND. &
4331 ( config_flags%mp_physics .EQ. THOMPSONAERO ) ) THEN
4332 do j = jts, min(jde-1,jte)
4333 do i = its, min(ide-1,ite)
4334 z1 = (grid%phb(i,2,j)-grid%phb(i,1,j))/g
4335 airmass = 1./grid%alt(i,1,j) * z1 * config_flags%dx*config_flags%dy ! kg
4336 grid%qnwfa2d(i,j) = grid%QNWFA_now(i,1,j) * 0.000196 * (airmass*5.E-11)
4345 enddo
4346 enddo
4347 ENDIF

Note that "airmass" is dependent on dx * dy, while QNWFA_now, alt, z1 etc. have similar magnitude. WIth a nesting ratio of 1:3, we may have the magnitude of qnwfa2d to be different by 1 order ( i.e., D01 value will be around 10 times that of D02)

I will talk to our expert and fix this issue as soon as possible. i am sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem.

I am very thankful you considered my problem and for your explanation. I'm waiting for the problem to be solved.
thank you for helping me.
Hi Parisa,
I haven't heard feedback from our expert about this issue. I will keep you posted if I know for sure how to fix the problem. Thanks for your patience.