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problem running real.exe, bad date in namelist


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I am having strange error while running real.exe, using ERA5 data. I downloaded the ERA5 pressure/surface level data from the RDA website:

I am using the standard Vtable.ECMWF file for both surface and pressure level data. I believe there is no need to run ecmwf_calc_p.exe program for the above dataset so I am not running it.

Ungrib, metgrid all went well. The met_em* files generated look all good. The real program runs fine if I run only for a 2-3 day period. But when I try to run it for the entire 1-month period, it gives me this error:
d01 2020-03-29_01:00:00 Timing for output 1 s.
d01 2020-03-29_01:00:00 Timing for loop # 98 = 1 s.
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
error opening for input; bad date in namelist or file not in directory

The file is there, and the date is fine too so this is a strange problem. What is noticeable is that when I change the initial date to another day, the error also gets shifted to another met_em* file as if the error occurs at a certain time interval.

This issue was noted in a previous post here:

Although the above post says that the problem was solved, it was not actually solved. The suggested workaround in another post is not actually a solution. So I would greatly appreciate if someone could look into this issue.

Note: I compiled WPS using GNU compilers.
Can you attach your full real.exe error log (e.g., rsl.error.0000) and your namelist.input file? Can you also issue the following:

ls -ls met_em* >& met.txt

and attach that met.txt file, as well? Thanks!