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Problem with CONUS parameterization

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I'm running a simulation placed in Panama with a 160x100 grid with CONUS parameterization to compare results with other parameterizations. Some months ago it worked without any problem but now I get a segmentation fault error when running wrf.exe. I only changed lat-lon projection for mercator, all other options are the same, so I don't understand why it cracks when calling radiation (after 5 minuts).
Running the same configuration with lat-lon projection works now aswell, is there any incompatibility when running CONUS with other projections?
Am I missing something?


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I suppose this is a real-data case. Please let me know if I am wrong.
For real data case, you need to set boundary foricng to be 'specified'. Please change the options below following my previous answers to your question posted before.
periodic_x = .true.,
symmetric_xs = .false.,
symmetric_xe = .false.,
open_xs = .false.,
open_xe = .false.,
periodic_y = .true.,
symmetric_ys = .false.,
symmetric_ye = .false.,
open_ys = .false.,
open_ye = .false.,
Hi again,
My first try to get CONUS configuration to work used these bdy_control options you mentioned. However since It cracked anyway, I changed them to match my first try. With bdy_control options for real cases and mercator projection, wrf.exe didn't work...
Hello again,
I wanted to know the effect of icloud variable since it is one of the differences between the different configurations.
Also, I guess that changing projection doesn't afect the results, am I right?
Hi Jana,
icloud determines which method is used to obtain cloud fraction in the calculation of cloud effects on optical depth in radiation schemes of RRTMG.
While it has impacts on model results, I don't think it could be the reason for the failed case.