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Problem with parallel execution wrf4.2.1


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Hi, I am running WRF4.2.1 through the wrf4g v2 framework (Home).

After many tests and tuning of the parallelization environment, I could run in parallel within a specific domain. Nevertheless, when changing the domain to a different area (though the dimensions are comparable), the parallel execution does not work: the simulation is run in series, and the very first lines of the rsl.out are as follows:

taskid: 0 hostname: node040
Quilting with 1 groups of 0 I/O tasks.
Ntasks in X 1 , ntasks in Y 1

This happens for every value of cores and the number of cores per node I specify within the experiment.wrf4g file, which is attached together with the rsl files. In this case, it was for example 4 cores in the same node of our Neptuno cluster infrastructure, in the MPIRUN environment.

I am getting crazy about this, as I suspect it could be something related to the specific shape of the domain, but I don't see any rule that I could be possibly infringing. Any help would be very much appreciated.




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How did you compile WRF? I would suggest you recompile WRF in damper mode, then run wrf.exe using its automatic decomposition capability, i..e.,
you don't need to specify nproc_x, nproc_y . You can run the code by, for example,

mpirun -np 16 ./wrf.exe

Here 16 indicates the number of processors you intend to use to run the case.

Note that the command might be different depending on the machine you have.