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Problem with RIP not calculating trajectories after 99 timesteps

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Hi, we are having trouble calculating trajectories after 99 timesteps (100 and beyond). This causes an error when I try to run showtraj (line 43 of file showtraj.f: Fortran runtime error: end of file) or plot trajectories (line 133 of file htrajdraw.f). The maxtraj parameter is 7000 and the maxtrajtime parameter is 2800, so I think the problem occurs when the trajectories are actually calculated. Do you have any idea how we can fix this issue? Thank you!
Can you attach the namelist you're using for running RIP, as well as the xtimes file created by the ripdp program? Thanks!
Hi Kelly, thanks for looking into this. Here are the requested files. Let us know if you have any ideas on how to fix this issue. Thanks!


  • wrfout_CTRL_d03.xtimes.txt
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I first would like to apologize for the long delay in response. I've been traveling for a few weeks and am just now catching up with forum inquiries. Thank you so much for your patience.

I apologize, as it's been a while since I've done any trajectory stuff with RIP, so I'm refreshing my memory. In your RIP namelist, you have 'ptimes' and 'rtim' set to 33, and I *think* this means that it will only calculate through the 33rd line in your .xtimes file. However, that doesn't correspond with your number of 99, so I'm confused (and it's probably me, and not you). How are you determining that it stops after 99? Is this showing up in an output file? I apologize for my fuzzy memory, and I just wanted to try to get a better understanding to help me assess better. Thanks!
Hi Kelly,

No problem! Thank you for coming back to our question.

Here is our response to your questions:

The 'ptimes' is in hours but there is data every 10 minutes. In the outfile, you can see it starts at 33 and works backwards, outputting data at every 10 minute timestep until after 16.5 (which works out to be 99 timesteps from 33). This then creates the error when trying to plot/show the trajectories. If I change the start time to say 30, it then makes it to 13.5 before stopping calculations. The .out file is attached below in case it is helpful in diagnosing the issue. Thank you!


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Thank you for that information. It's helpful. I want to let you know we haven't forgotten about this. I've been combing through the code, and have reached out to a "RIP expert" colleague, and neither of us has figured out where that limit is set. According to my colleague, RIP code can be difficult, since it's older fortran, and sometimes things can be hard-wired in the code, or can be a combination of multiple settings. We will keep digging, and thank you so much for your patience!