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problem with visualizing domain by plotgrids_new.ncl

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I have generated my namelist.wps using domain wizard. It seems okay when I look at the domain by ferret. But using plotgrids_new.ncl it seems wrong. Could you assist with this?

I am attaching namelist.wps, generated domain with plotgrids_new.ncl and ferret.


  • namelist (2).wps
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  • met.out with ferret.png
    met.out with ferret.png
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  • domain with plotgrids.png
    domain with plotgrids.png
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Unfortunately the plotgrids_new.ncl utility does not handle the lat-lon grid very well and can often make the domain look odd like this. It's likely what you are seeing with ferret is correct. You can run the geogrid program and then look at a field like LANDUSEF to see if the domain looks like what you would expect. If so, they you are probably safe to continue moving forward.