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Problems buiding executables

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Georgie Porgie

New member
I have unsuccessful compilation in WRFV3.
I try to compile WRFV3.8 but i have this message :
[---> Problems building executables, look for errors in the build log <--]

no executables in WRFV3/main

Please help me :D


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I was wrong in the path

Now my first Error in the compile.log is:

Error: Size of ‘put’ argument of ‘random_seed’ intrinsic at (1) too small (12/33)

call random_seed (PUT=seed)


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This issue was addressed here:

The code fix there should be fine to use to overwrite your module_cu_g3.F file, as there were no other changes to that file between v3.8 and v4.0.


I did that an fix, but if I compile with:

$ ./compile em_real >& compile.log &
$ tail -f compile.log

no building executables

an if I compile with:

$ ./compile em_real 2>&1 | tee compile log

it was successful

Why?? Thanks again!!
I am not sure why the difference in commands makes a difference in a successful compile. I think that is likely system-related. I'm glad you are able to get it to compile one way or another, though. Thank you for letting me know.