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Problems compiling WRF using gfortran version 10

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When compiling WRF version 4.2 using gfortran 10, several errors have been encountered.

There are many cases where the compiler reports rank mismatches in subroutine calls and inconsistencies of INTENT between the subroutine making the call and the requirement of the routine called. These are fixable using command options “-fallow-argument-mismatch -fallow-invalid-boz”, but should be rectified in the code.

More crucially, the compiler generates an out-of-memory error when compiling some of the routines (e.g., module_comm_nesting_dm.f90). This appears to be a fault in gfortran, and has been reported.
Different versions of compile may have issues when building WRF. We have tested gnu/7.4 and gun/9.1, both work fine. Can you stay with these tested version? It is not our top priority to fix problems related to compiler.
Also, please keep me updated if you make progress to work with gnu/10. Such information might be helpful for other users who have the same issue.
I have recently tried to compile the whole WRF system with GCC 10. The netcdf libraries are generated but when I do "make check" after the successfull compilation, some tests failed. Maybe the version 10 of GCC is still a little bit buggy ??
With gcc 9.3, no problem, at least at this stage.
We are aware of the compiling issue related to GCC-10. Before we are able to fix the problem, please stay with the older version.
Please take a look at the website here:

It addresses the problem related to GCC-10. Please try and let me know whether it fixed your problem.

Yes, the link that you have mentionned did the job.
As they say on this site, some addiotionnal compiler flags must be used in order to compile netcdf. Then, all the make check tests passed.

Thank you