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problems with sf_urban_physics and it assimilation flag in wrfinput

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Hello, I would be grateful if you can help me.
I downloaded the WRF model version 4.0 with a git clone, and I compiled it with INTEL in parallel. I compiled the model with chemistry, and in the first phase without chemistry, when I run real.exe, although in my "namelist.input" it says: "sf_urban_physics = 0, 0, 1", I'm running with 3 grids, the model creates a wrfinput_d01 file where inside has a flag:: SF_URBAN_PHYSICS = 1 when it should appear 0. In version 3.6.1, I usually use this doesn't happen. How do I change the code and where to fix this problem?
My best regards
I moved this post from the "MPAS-Atmosphere/Bugs" section to the "WRF Model/Running WRF/real.exe" section of the forum, as this appears to be a question regarding the WRF model.
Note that all physics options except cumulus should be the same for all model domains. Please set
sf_urban_physics = 0, 0, 0
sf_urban_physics = 1, 1, 1