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Process for modifying landcover data?

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Dear all WRF expert,

I read many topics about modifying land cover in the WRF model.

From my understanding, we need to replace not only LANDUSEF, LU_INDEX fields but also monthly LAI, GREENFRAC, ALBEDO variables in geo_em.NC file.
But I only have the updated land-use data for my research area, so how could I get or update the LAI, GREENFRA and ALBEDO variables respectively?.

Thank you in advance.
Once you change LU_INDEX (and also IVGTYP) in wrfinput, many variables related to landuse type such as albedo and LAI will change accordingly because WRF reads these variables from VEGPARM.TBL, which specifies surface properties based on landuse type.
However, if necessary, those variables not specified in VEGPARM.TBL must be adjusted based on your changes of landuse type. In this case, you must manage to obtain the information. Otherwise, I don't think you can make it work.