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QNWFA2D 0 using mp28 scheme

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I am using WRF v.4.1.5, with the Aerosol-aware Thompson scheme, using climatological aerosol input data.
I run a control run with the climatological aerosol dataset, and verified that the monthly aerosol data was not 0, then run real and checked that the QNWFA and QNIFA for the boundary files arrays were not 0.

I set the following parameters when using wrf.exe:
wif_input_opt =1,
num_wif_levels= 30,
mp_physics =28,
use_aero_icbc =.true.
ra_lw_physics = 4,
ra_sw_physics = 4,
aer_opt = 3,

However, I don't understand the outputs I am having and I think something is wrong:

For d01 (9km) and d02 (3km) my surface aerosol source, QNWFA2D, is 0 all the time and I was not expecting that.
On the contrary, I see that I have QNIFA2D (around 6000 kg-1 s-1 in d01, and 1 order of magnitude less in d02).

Concerning the output concentration variables QNIFA and QNWFA, this is what I am getting for d01, with this peak at the border of the domain:

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 18.14.10.png

For D01, in this case, values seem correct, although as explained, I have no QNWFA2D values in my output (all 0) and that implies I am not having a source at the surface:

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 18.28.12.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 18.29.28.png

I've checked other days/times and I see the fields changing (although I am not having QNFWA2D).

Could this be related to the fact that I am using the dust emission at the same time, and therefore I have QNIFA2D but not QNWFA2D?
Or maybe the fact that I am not using a WRF version with the new constant used for the surface source, which was fixed in v.4.3? (

Also, I'd like to know if those boundary high values in the d01 outputs are normal? I am mainly interested in D02, but I don't know if that behavior in D01 could be affecting also D02.

Thank you so much for your help in advance. :)

We are aware of the possible problems related to Aerosol-aware Thompson scheme. We are working with the developer now and hope to fix the problem as soon as possible.
Ming Chen,

Thank you very much for your response.
Regarding the QNWFA2D being 0 at all times, it might be my fault since I realized that the Registry file lacked the "i" in front of the variable. Therefore, the surface source was not in the input files, and then it was 0 in the wrfout. Changing this, solved this problem and now I can see the QNWFA2D in my wrfinput and wrfout files.

The strange QNIFA and QNWFA behavior at the borders in D01, is still there, but not critical for me.
Thanks for checking in on the issue. Hopefully, it is fixed in the future.