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Question about downloaded files from the Geographical Input Data


New member

We have been downloading the Highest Resolution fields from the Geographical Input Data Mandatory Fields Downloads page (Static Data Downloads). Lately, we have been adding more fields from the ones available on the same page and we have reached a point in which we have a large number of files. We are running our model at an HPC and we have quotas both in terms of space and number of files. We've noticed that for each file and folder downloaded, there is a hidden file with the same name but starting with .- like: ._orogwd_10m

When we look into these files they are binaries of type: AppleDouble encoded Macintosh file

So, our question is if these files are needed to run the model or not. As I mentioned, our concern is the file number quota we have and we are currently counting more than 10k of these files.

Thanks for your help!
I don't believe you need the "hidden" files, but you could always just move those to a different location and run a quick test to see if it causes problems. If not, then you can just delete them.