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Question about net radiation

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I am trying to panel plot surface energy components from WRF simulation wrfout files. Attached one example for 2015-01-13 09:00.

The net radiation fluxes in the third row are calculated as:
(1) Net radiation fluxes from 4 comp: swd_ref-swu_ref+glw_ref-lwu_ref
(2) Net radiation fluxes from 3 comp: hfx_ref+lh_ref+gfx_ref

where the variable name, meaning and corresponding variable in wrfout are listed:
swd_ref: Downward Shortwave Flux SWDOWN
swu_ref: Upward Shortwave Flux SWUPB
glw_ref: Downward Longwave Flux GLW
lwu_ref: Upward Longwave Flux LWUPB

hfx_ref: Sensible Heat Flux HFX
lh_ref: Latent Heat Flux LH
gfx_ref: Ground Heat Flux GRDFLX

My question is: why net radiation (1) are not the same as net radiation (2)? They should be the same although calculated using different equations, at least theoretically.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I ran this by our physics specialist here. They agree that your equations look okay. The problem they see is with SWDOWN. There are clearly clouds, but it isn't showing up in the radiative total in the plot, so it seems that the problem may be with the plot.