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Question regarding modification of a variable in PBL scheme in specific time

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Can I modify a variable, which is in module_bl_ysu.F script, in specific time steps?

To get this, I modified the script-"module_bl_ysu.F" by using XTIME as follows:

<< original >>
zfac(i,k) = min(max((1.-(zq(i,k+1)-zl1(i))/(hpbl(i)-zl1(i))),zfmin),1.)

<< modified >>
IF (XTIME .GE. 1440 .and. XTIME .LE. 2100) then
zfac(i,k) = min(max((1.-(zq(i,k+1)-zl1(i))/ (10.0*(hpbl(i)-zl1(i))) ),zfmin),1.)
zfac(i,k) = min(max((1.-(zq(i,k+1)-zl1(i))/(hpbl(i)-zl1(i))),zfmin),1.)

(I added XTIME to "module_bl_ysu.F" script)

and recompiled.

But, It didn't work as I expected.
What I expected was a change in the value of "zfac" in specific time steps (such as 'XTIME .GE. 1440 .and. XTIME .LE. 2100') but the results showed a change throughout the all time steps.

I'd really appreciate it if you could give me a hint or advice on this.

Thanks in advance.
It is to enough to simply add 'xtime' to the code module_bl_ysu.F. You need to modify the following codes:
(1) in dyn_em/module_first_rk_step_part1.F, add xtime=grid%xtime to call of pbl_driver
(2) add the corresponding dummy argument (i.e., xtime) to the code phys/module_pbl_driver.F
(3) pass the variable xtime to module_bl_ysu.F, then use it as describe din your message.

An alternative option is to use the variable 'itimestep', which has already been passed into the PBL driver, which can then be passed into the bl_ysu code and used directly. Note that the conversion between xtime and itimestep is:
xtime = itimestep*dt/60