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Questions about options history_interval and history_interval_mo

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dear all
If I want to output the daily average results, do I only need to set history_interval to 1440? For monthly average, history_interval_mo is set to 1?
Variables in wrfout at history intervals are instantaneous values, which indicates that even if you set history_interval = 1440, you cannot get daily mean variables.

The option output_diagnostics = 1 allows for output of 36 surface variables. The following are related options:
output_diagnostics = 0 ! set to = 1 to add 36 surface diagnostic arrays (max/min/mean/std)
auxhist3_outname = 'wrfxtrm_d<domain>_<date>' ! file name for added diagnostics
io_form_auxhist3 = 2 ! netcdf
auxhist3_interval = 1440 ! minutes between outputs (1440 gives daily max/min)
frames_per_auxhist3 = 1 ! output times per file

Hope this is helpful.