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Quick question about the smoothing source code in the RIP4 program

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My question is related to RIP4-the WRF Post-Processing Software.
I am interested in using the smoothing subroutine code (below link) of RIP4 program for my research because this code is very useful. I would like to ask about one variable (mabpl) of this subroutine code.

Another RIP4 source code, driver.f ( ), mentioned as "miy, and mjx are dot-point dimensions, in the x and y directions respectively, of the domain to be analyzed" and "mabpl and morpl are the maximum number of abscissa and ordinate grid points, respectively, in a plot".

Does this mean that "miy" and "mjx" is equal to "mabpl" and "morpl" respectively? For example, if the input data (that I want to perform smoothing) has 500 by 700 grid points (i.e., miy=500 and mjx=700), I assume mabpl=500 and morpl=700. Did I understand correctly?

Thank you in advance!

I first would like to apologize for the long delay in response. I've been traveling for a few weeks and am just now catching up with forum inquiries. Thank you for your patience.

I believe you are interpreting that correctly. I am not the author of the code, but it is how I would interpret it, as well.