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Re: Convection permitting resolution

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My model is getting segmentation fault. I have tried 288 processors and currently using 360 processors.
I should be grateul if sometime could take a look at the attached namelist.input, sample rsl.error and rsl.out files and suggest what I should change in the namelist.input file to prevent the segmentation fault. Maybe, where cfl criteria is being voilatedView attachment namelist.input

Can someone show me how to attach the rsl files. I keep getting the message,"invalid file extension."
If you package all of your rsl* files together into 1 *.tar file, you should be able to attach that.
I am seeing some CFL errors in your rsl.error* files. This typically means that the model is becoming unstable, usually due to high terrain. The typical suggestion is to reduce your timestep, but yours is already reduced a decent amount. You could try setting time_step = 10 (instead of 15), but that may not make a huge difference. Some other options are listed at the bottom of this FAQ:

If the CFL errors are happening at the domain edges, you could try to adjust the domain so that the boundaries are away from the high terrain (if that's possible).